The hotel service butler is a cross-departmental collaboration tool centered on guest needs, covering all the service needs of guests during their stay. The system helps the hotel reduce internal communication transfers and improve operational efficiency through intelligent dispatch and automatic follow-up.

The work order steward manages the hotel's flow online,  get the real-time room status, intelligent scheduling, automatic reminder of work tasks, can helps the hotel solve the problem of slow room allocation, unsynchronized room status disturbing guests, delayed room release, and manual statistics of data workload.

Smartphone Access Control

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Smart hotel 3D visualization

Used in hotel reception, hotel welcome, guest room management and other services, improve the overall service level of the hotel, intelligent environmental protection, safety and comfort, to integrated control and monitoring of air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, door, window status, temperature and humidity, etc.

Smart Hotel Application Scenarios

Through wireless control, light sensing, dimming, timing, human body sensing and other technologies, combined with the full use of natural light, the lighting efficiency is maximized. Illuminate an efficient, comfortable, green and energy-saving lighting environment.

Through the  control panel, illuminance sensor and wireless device terminal, can control lamps and curtains or automatic sensing and switching for different scenes , not only let guests feel warm and pleasure but also saving energy for the hotel.

Through the control panel, guests can control the air conditioning system. Using the hotel room management software, the front desk clerk can set a "check-in mode" for the room. Before the guest checks into the room, the room automatically adjusts to a comfortable temperature to welcome the guest. when the guest leave the room over the idle time, the air conditioner will automatically turn off.

With face recognition technology, and through the establishment of an integrated strict authority management system, it realizes security access management, access control management, visitor management, and attendance management. Realize fast identification and passage within the scope of authority.

Through surveillance, face access control and various IoT sensing devices, the data and events of smart buildings can be fully sensed. And make full use of big data, AI algorithms, Internet of Things technology and other technologies to realize a comprehensive, 24/7 security system for smart buildings.