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With the comprehensive industrial upgrade of the manufacturing industry, factory intelligence and manufacturing informationization have become the key to the development of manufacturing enterprises. LM relies on our own strong Visual technology and plenty of product design experience for more than ten years, aiming at the factory environment in the new era of Industry 4.0. Tailor-made a intelligent solution for you.

To achieve comprehensive and transparent management of smart factories, it effectively helps users improve their production decision-making capabilities and reduce management costs.

Smart Factory big data visualization

The smart factory collects a large amount of production data, analyzes and displays it visually, which helps managers to grasp the production progress, quality, and equipment status in real time. It can also combine the analysis results with various business indicators and management experience to let the management through the war room center. Accurately grasp the production dynamics and operational performance, efficiently integrate and dispatch cross-regional production resources, respond to the rapidly changing market in real time, and support decision-making.

Alarm Management

There are many types of information systems in the factory, like alarm messages of different equipment and machines, that are complicated and the standards are different. It is easy to cause omissions in message transmission, and it is more likely to cause losses due to repeated alarms, causing misjudgments by the power and responsibility units. In order to improve the quality and efficiency of alarm management, an integrated notification platform is required to ensure that the alarm messages are delivered to the responsible personnel in real time, it can be more effectively, correctly and transparently, and those process is recorded in detail.