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Integrating mobile Internet, IoT, big data analysis, we have developed a smart environmental recycling system, smart garbage classification, smart inspection system for the environmental protection, to solve industry’s pain points and difficulties when encountered in the recycling business, household waste classification and inspection system.

Through the Internet, the traditional inefficient recycling and inspection method of environmental protection will be transformed into a standardized, regular and professional operation mode.Comprehensively improve the work efficiency of enterprise employees and the digital management,  help to construction a smart, environmentally friendly and green city.

Smart environmental protection big data visualization

Visualization of different levels of zone, Multi-dimensional statistics of data at each level, real-time scrolling display of recycling orders, and animation display of recycling processes.

Truck Management

Driving track, electronic Geo-fence, real-time weight report

Order Management

Recycling order approval and export of various dimensions of order settlement reports

Auto Vehicle Dispatch System

According to the geographical location of the person placing the order and the real-time situation of the vehicle task, the AI ​​algorithm will automatically dispatches the vehicle

Points management

Resident order points accumulation, inquiries and redemption

Smart Garbage classification & inspection system

✔ Unlimited increase of inspection items

✔ Flexible and configurable platform of inspection scoring rules

✔ Support rating, photo upload

✔ Support multi-dimensional statistical report export

✔ Support positioning