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Integrate mobile internet technology,IoT and 3D visualization to create a comprehensive management system for smart buildings.

Fully integrate online and offline resources and services, provide integrated comprehensive management applications for managers, property management agency, enterprises, employees, etc., solve building management pain points, improve the level of comprehensive management, and achieve the purpose of improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Smartphone Access Control

Guest authorization

Announcement Management

Device control

Smart Parking

Failure report

Smart Buildings 3D visualization

The 3D visualization of smart buildings uses digital twin technology to restore the true appearance of the building complex and the surrounding environment. Integrate intelligent subsystems such as lighting, monitoring, security, environment, air conditioning, elevator control, etc., break the data islands of each system, realize data system linkage, and form a smart building visualization platform that can be unified scheduling and unified management.

Through wireless control, light sensing, dimming, timing, human body sensing and other technologies, combined with the full use of natural light, the lighting efficiency is maximized. Illuminate an efficient, comfortable, green and energy-saving lighting environment.

The smart parking management system integrates image recognition and processing, automatic control, video surveillance, GPS positioning, mobile payment, and mobile Internet of Things technology to provide automated management of vehicles in the parking lot. Realize smart parking services such as reserved parking, license plate recognition, parking guidance, reverse car search, and license plate payment.

Through real-time collection and statistical analysis of the energy consumption of lighting sockets, air conditioning systems, power systems and other equipment and facilities, we can grasp the energy consumption level of the entire building, identify high-energy-consuming equipment and facilities, analyze the causes of abnormal energy consumption, and formulate scientific and reasonable energy use and saving solutions.。

With face recognition technology, through the establishment of an integrated strict authority management system, it realizes security access management, access control management, visitor management, and attendance management. Realize fast identification and fast passage within the scope of authority.

Through video surveillance, face access control and various IoT sensing devices, the data and events of smart buildings can be fully sensed. And make full use of big data, AI algorithms, Internet of Things technology and other technologies to realize a comprehensive, 27/7 security system for smart buildings.

Initiative to management dangerous goods,flammable and explosive materials in buildings, can effectively reduce the incidence of fires. When a fire occurs, through AI edge computing to calculate the location of the fire source, speed of the fire spread, temperature, and smoke situation, provide the best rescue route and escape route in real time , dynamic guidance by intelligent evacuation signs.

Smart fire protection:
1. Initiative manage the dangerous goods in the building and monitor the storage environment in real time.
2. Dynamic guidance by intelligent evacuation two-way real-time indicator signs.
3. AI algorithm plans the correct route in real-time;