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LM OS integrates IoT device management and data center technology to build a more agile and easy-to-use system for enterprise lean management. In the past 10 years, we have provided core capabilities such as remote upgrade and diagnosis, functional safety, etc. for hundreds of millions of smart devices and IoT terminals.

Based on strong devices management capabilities, LM OS refines data assets, improves data quality, simplifies data integration, and digs into the value of data according to industry characteristics. It uses data center technology to help companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and explore new business models.

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Create a smart city model and implement the digitalization

LM 3D visualization

Through 3D virtual simulation modeling, the real appearance of the building and surrounding environment is restored, and the apartment complex, building, floor, and IoT devices are visualized step by step. Integrate intelligent subsystems such as lighting, monitoring, security, environment, air conditioning, and ladder.Achieve the control of unified scheduling and management.

Through 3D modeling all-round the power distribution center, can clearly show the spatial relationship between the power distribution and environmental monitoring equipment. Reporting the environmental data changes in real-time. This provides intuitive, accurate and real-time intelligent management of the power distribution center.

The use of 3D simulation technology that highly simulates and restores the entire installation process,from the asynchronous assembly of the main components to the completion of the complete assembly, and is equipped with part specifications and step prompts to make the entire process more standardized and intuitive. Thereby improving the work efficiency of the factory, greatly reducing training and time costs.

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